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Study: Blacks and Latinos Receive Worse Plea Deals Than Whites and Asians

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 1.45.38 PMA new study conducted by the Vera Institute of Justice found that black and Latino defendants in Manhattan are more likely to be held pretrial and ultimately sentenced to prison than white and Asian defendants.

The study used data from a whopping 200,000 resolved cases in Manhattan ranging from misdemeanors and violations to burglaries and domestic violence during 2010-11. Its intent was to…

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It’s not an accident at all that Richard Dawkins would classify “stranger rape at knifepoint,” or the least common type of rape for a woman to experience, as worse than the “less bad” date rape. This is not just about emotionally detached white men making a philosophical debate out of women’s trauma, it’s about invalidating women’s suffering by promoting what makes up only a minority percentage (between 1/4 and 1/3) of the rapes perpetuated against women as the archetype, to invalidate the of women whose assaults didn’t fall into that category. It’s about control, it’s about silencing, it’s about interfering in the formation of solidarity. Men like that know exactly what they’re doing.


me: *arrives at party*

me: so who wants to talk about institutionalized racism

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